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released March 17, 2014

Produced, mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Suicide Silence, Sick of it All)

Cover art by Mircea Gabriel Eftemie (Soilwork, Strapping Young Lad, Dark Tranquility)



all rights reserved


Blood Label Aarhus, Denmark

Danish five-piece playing death and thrash!

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Track Name: Deliver Me From Evil
I pled a thousand times,
Called upon help all my life,
No one answered my call
God, if you’re really there
Would you come get me out of here?
I feel the pull of the devil

Show me the way, I’m starting to loose faith
Forgive me father, I’m ridden with demons
So hang me high, burn me on the stake
Cut me open, remove the fiend in me

Deliver Me From Evil!

I have been lead astray
I’m struggling to find a way
To redeem my self
Inside my head heaven and hell are going at it
I have to pick a side
And fight, fight, fight, fight

Please deliver me from evil

The devil’s yanking my chain
He’s messing with my brain
Oh god, I’m loosing my faith
I gotta give in
Again and again I give in
Track Name: Snake in the Grass
You fucking snake in the grass

I should’ve learned it by now
I entrusted so much in you
You backstabber
Now I know I not to count on you

You made this personal
On you
Fucking critical
On you
You made me cynical
Now I know not to count on you

I’m paranoid to this day
Treachery is all around me
I’m hanging in the balance
I’ve lost touch with the reality
‘Cus you

You’re a snake in the grass
A real fucking Judas
But I can see through your mask, so don’t try shit
I’ll turn the day into night
Turn talk into fight
I’ll bring the matter to light so start telling the truth!

Real lies
Turn to real crimes
You can repent what you did
Ask for forgiveness
It doesn’t matter to me
The jig is up
‘Cus you
Track Name: Shotgun-Blown in the Face
I am a son of a gun
Born under a cursed sun
Bad blood is flowing through my veins
I spill my guts with total disregard
Don’t give a fuck, if you think I’ve gone too far
Pour out my soul in every single line
You motherfuckers just watch me shine!

This time
I gave it all that I got
Nailed it right on the spot
I know
You think you’re better than me, huh punk?
I’m gonna show you how it’s done

I am a bastard child
Brought up to go out in style
Controversy riddles in my name
I lay it down with total disregard
Don’t fucking care, if you think I’ve gone too far
I live and die for every single show where I can feel that
Fucking flow in

Mad man with a crooked smile
Prone for sex, drugs and suicide
Someday I’ll die, a total disgrace
Overdosing, shotgun-blown in the face

I’m a total disgrace
Lying there shotgun-blown in the face
Track Name: Paranoia
I am acting in self-defense
I am a victim of circumstance,
Idle accusations and false pretense
I aggress only to protect myself

I’m freaking out, seeing all kinds of shapes, hearing all kinds of voices
Paranoia is taking its toll, leaving me choiceless
I gotta run, go underground, live in the unseen

I have the creeps, my mind is alert, my senses are sharpened
Psychosis is taking its grasp, leaving me rampant
I gotta run, escape from the past, harming everyone in my way

Paranoia’s running wild
Paranoia’s running free

The path to freedom
Lies beyond a horde of people
With ulterior motives
They all got their grudges

I am not crazy
Track Name: Bad Blood
It is not easy to forget
It is impossible to forgive
Minor trouble turn into major issues
Spiteful words come back to haunt you
Bad blood is between us

The cheap tricks, the stream of tears running down your face
All lies and deceit that meant to prove your case
Behind this mask of lousy act
You’ve spun a web of lies about me
But I know all of your secrets

Bad blood
Bad blood is between us from here and on

Your imagination has misled you,
Thrown you way off track
The truth will out, not fuck about, call for reciprocation
I see through the lies, see the fake in your eyes,
A fucking bitch in disguise
No one will ever love you

Baby, how could you do this to me?
You split my heart open but never again
You slut

You pushed me to the edge of sanity
I’ll never forget, never forgive all the lies that you fed me

Bad blood is between us from here and on

You pushed me to the edge of sanity
I’ll never forget, never forgive
Track Name: Stuck in Limbo
I have fought for a 1000 years
I have given all that I got
This is a fight I will never win
Nothing ever seems to change

Oh, bring me back to life
Or send me straight to hell
I can’t go on
No, not this way

I am neither dead nor living
Caught in the middle as a fucking zombie
What can you do to make it through,
When you’re stuck in Limbo?

I have seen hope crushed right before my eyes
One too many times
This is a circle I won’t ever break
Nothing ever seems to change

I’m drifting through life with a devil inside
Eying the chance to come to life
Take control and cast me aside
It feels like I’m being buried alive
The harder I fight
The faster I fall
I try and I try
It feels like I’m being buried alive

I am neither dead nor living
I am stuck in limbo
Track Name: Hell Holds a Place For You
See you in hell

I am no longer in control
I cannot recognize at all
This tendency, this pitiful version of me

Bow down and take it
Receive your punishment
Hell holds a special place for you
For all the shit you have done

I can’t keep my conscience locked at bay
Can’t fight the growing ire inside me
My capabilities scare the living shit out of me

You are blind and in denial
You refuse to see, what you’ve become
You got the smile and the eyes of a murderer
Bow down and take your punishment
Bow down and take it
Track Name: Explode
Come on!

I hit a stride and nothing can stop me
Get in my way and bodies start dropping
Move aside or prepare for war
I never felt so invincible before

Again motherfucker!

Sky high and feeling like a fucking god
Power tripping on arrogance and alcohol
An ecstasy that’ll last all night
If I can only survive

I can’t keep it within
It’s happening all over again

One more time!

I’m waking up and feel like worthless scum
I am heading towards rock bottom
Trapped within a vicious cycle
I will repeat over and over again

Over and over again
Track Name: Disease Pit
This place is pulling me under
I can’t go on this way
Every time I try to kick the habit
The poison always gets to me

I am desperate
Please get me out of this mess

Stuck in the same old rotten ways
Drug ridden till the day I die
I’ll end my days in this place
In this fucking disease pit

This place is teeming with filth
It’s getting under my skin
Every time I try to crawl out the gutter
I always fall right back in

I am in distress
Please get me out of this mess

I got to take a leap for freedom
Or die alone in bedlam
For freedom
Or bedlam

In this shithole I call home
Please get me out
Track Name: Skeletons
The skeletons will be the death of me
I see them in my sleep

The skeletons will be the death of me
Send me to an early grave to pay for done deeds

Still see them in my sleep

The skeletons will be the death of me
Send me to an early grave to pay for done deeds
There’s nothing left to torture, so please let me be
I’m worn down to the bone, so please set me free

Free me, free me now
Track Name: Coup De Grace
I’ve fucked up everything
I’m on the verge of breaking
In my darkest hour, don’t fail me now,
You angel of mercy
Hit me with a touch of fate
Kill me now before its too late

Cold and calculating
I wait for you to save me

I’m covering up a crime,
Keep living on a lie
In my darkest hour, don’t fail me now
Let your vengeance drop on me
Hit me with a touch of fate
Kill me now before its too late

Just do it
Put an end to my suffering
Just do it
Don’t make me wait for my punishment

I am struggling to keep my sense
The guilt’s just overwhelming
Please believe, I need this
Give me the coup de grace
Track Name: The Black Arts
And all you ever think of is that

Hard fucking, sweet fucking
I am not made of stone
The rough sex, a deep hex
That turns me into a mindless drone

She is a sorceress
With tits and ass, she casts her spell
Black magic and dirty talk is how she catches you
In her web
You get caught in her web

You’re so perfect
I can’t let you go
You belong to me

Here in the dark we found our place
To indulge in nature’s game
The Black Arts has never felt this great
So here we go again
So here we go again and again

In the art of seduction
She performs near perfection
The Black Arts have never felt this great
For as long as I have lived
I haven’t felt such a sense of purpose
I can’t let you go, I won’t let you go

You belong to me